QD Exhausts

QD Exhausts

QD manufacturer High Performance Exhaust Systems and are 100% hand made in Italy.

QD guarantees to all customers that their detail makes them different from the rest of the world.

QD  is a 2.300 sqm plant with admiministrative and technical offices, production department and a warehouse with an inventory to satisfy in 24 hours the market requests. The production standards are guaranteed by an integrated quality process, all the functional tests in every single phase of the production allow to acheive the top levels of quality.

All the process are developed with top level machinery, but the hands of our men are still the protagonist.

All the pipeworks are Stainless Steel or Titanium, thermo injected magnesium and carbon fiber, internally made by our QD COMPOSIT dept.

The R&D dept is managed with a dynamic fluid mathematic model. All the prototypes are calculated in order to obtain the best performance and tested on a dyno bench.




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