Puig Motorcycle Screens

Puig Motorcycle Screens

Puig Motorcycle Windscreens

All the PUIG products are the result of an accurate task of investigation and development to offer the best quality product in the market. In terms of PUIG windscreens and PUIG windshields, a lot of efforts and resources have been dedicated to achieve a quality product. PUIG develop their screens using their Virtual Wind Tunnel which allows them to design new and better products for their consumers. This includes improving and easing the rider’s experience on their bike by minimising windblast, aiding performance and adding style.

Available for - Fairing bikes, Scooters, Custom bikes, Naked bikes.

  • Touring Screens
  • Racing Screens
  • Sport Screens
  • Naked Rafale Screens
  • Screen Extender Visors

Please use the bike" selector to find the right product for your bike. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us from the Contact Page with your enquiry.

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