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World renowned manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter Accessories.


50th Anniverary

On our 50th anniversary, PUIG is manufacturing on the city it has seen us born. In Granollers, Spain, nearby Barcelona, it is located the 8,000 sq.m. facilities where PUIG holds the 3 sections of the company: Commercial, Thermoformed, and Metallic Components. There has been many difficulties during all these years, but we have moved forward with solid and secure steps, and PUIG is still designing, creating, and producing with the enthusiasm of the first day.     



After 4 decades inside the motorcycle world, PUIG has participated in the most famous motorcycle races around the world such as, 24H of Montjuic – and also in Montmeló -, in Le Mans, Laguna Seca, Suzuka, and many others; and also jointly with great brands and riders such as Derbi and Angel Nieto.

From the 60s and 70s, those days where PUIG was sponsoring the “red bullets” of Mollet, we have encountered ourselves on this new century involved on the most prestigious and competitive championship worldwide, the MotoGP.

We sponsored d’Antin MotoGP team from 2002 until 2005, and with Suzuki Rizla+ from 2006 with whom we achieved 9 podiums including a victory.
In the last two years, PUIG has sponsored Team Repsol Catalunya Caixa, and last year we won the Moto2 World Championship with the young rider Marc Márquez. Moreover, PUIG has been on top of the podium on the SuperSport, SuperBike, and Endurance World Championships, achieving  World titles with Honda Ten Kate, Suzuki SERT, and Official Yamaha Supersport.



Relying on the designs tested on our virtual Wind Tunnel, the R+D team has launched a new concept for racing screens: Z-Racing series. With this new design, the R+D team has looked for, mainly, deflecting the wind without creating turbulances, without loosing aerodynamics, in order for the rider to ride more confortable. Only available for selected 08 & 09 models, the Z-Racing series offer: 

Special cut-downs on the bubble edges, which canalizes and deflects the airblast along the sides.

This disminishes the airblast to the rider and, consequently, decreases the turbulances.

Moreover, on some cases, it includes a front step that lifts the airblast and helps the rider to ride confortably


Trust on experience

PUIG design, produce, and distribute its own products since 1964. The experience gathered during these years is applied directly to each designed product, and for this reason we have achieved the trust and loyalty of many professional pilots and street riders that have used and keep using our products. We hope you can keep trusting our company on your next accessories purchases. Our main objective is, as always, work in order to improve and ease the motorcyclist's life.


Certification and quality

Thanks to the incorporation day by day of new technolgies and new infrastructure, PUIG assures to its clients the acquisition of high quality products in all their product lines. Moreover, with this same objective of assuring high quality, PUIG has obtained the certificate ISO 9002 and has been homologated for the prestigious German T.Ü.V.  


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