X Black - Conico

X Black - Conico


A new line of mufflers with a new and amazing End Cap made of carbon is arriving in the 2011 Exan Catalogue. The new silencers are Oval or Conical shaped and the end cap is trapezoidal (in shape) and seems to want to “scream” all its power. Code Name: X-BLACK

The new Exan silencers have aggressive lines and the new Carbon End Cap exaggerates the features giving to the X-Black line a racing characteristic.

The cone shaped mufflers are available in two different materials: Stainless Steel Clear Satin and Stainless Steel Black Satin while the oval shaped one – in addition to these materials – are available in Carbon and Titanium.

These silencers are extremely light, no matter the material they are made of, and therefore maximize overall weight savings compared with original exhausts. Racing on bikes equipped with these silencers is great fun as they offer strong performance at any running speed.

These exhausts can be purchased both in the APPROVED and RACING version. The approved version is equipped with a removable DB Killer and therefore this can be easily removed to enjoy better performance when you want to get on track.

The racing version has a study of internal flows which gives absolute best performance regardless of the configuration of the approved one (with or without DB Killer).
the silencers of oval form are available in different materials:
Stainless steel
Black stainless steel

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