X-Black Evo

X-Black Evo


The X-BLACK line evolves and a new range of silencers is arrived. Availables in three different materials: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Black and Titanium, these new exhausts are characterized by a beautiful trapezoidal carbon cap and a cone-shaped body which arises due to the strength of a fluid pushed inside with big pression Called X-BLACK EVO, these new silencers are the evolution of the conical X-Black, undoubtedly the most successful Exan product. In this new stage of development, these products confirm their aggressive shape and unique “character” but it is mainly the stiffness together with the lightness, obtained thank to the new technique, to differentiate them strongly from all theothers Exan silencers.

The X-BLACK EVO maximizes overall weight savings compared with original exhausts. Racing on bikes equipped with these silencers is great fun as they offer strong performance at any running speed.

The new exhausts can be purchased both in the APPROVED and RACING version. The approved version is equipped with a removable DB Killer and therefore this can be easily removed to enjoy better performance when you want to get on track. The racing version has a study of internal flows which gives absolute best performance regardless of the configuration of the approved one (with or without DB Killer).


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