Puig Racing Footpegs with Rubber

Puig Racing Footpegs with Rubber

PUIG Pilot Racing Pegs with rubber - All Makes and Models

Puig Pilot Footpeg-set Racing (with rubber)

  • Made of high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Increased ground clearance due to bevelled ends
  • Optimum adaptation by adjustable inclination on the base
  • Precise adjuster for a safe reliable adjustment 
  • Very fast and easy to assemble
  • Material: aluminum
  • Footrests are delivered as a pair and with the appropriate adapters - left and right side
  • Available in different colours (heads only in black)
  • 90 grams racing footpegs and racing footpegs with rubber
  • 130 grams (trail footpegs)
  • 72 x 27mm

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