Puig Phone Holder

Puig Phone Holder

Motorcycle Performance Store are Official Distributors of the Puig Phone Holder for your motorcycle

Thanks to the Puig phone holder you can use your smartphone as a browser without suffering for its integrity and security. In addition, in our catalog you will find a line of accessories related to your mobile phone and its protection during journeys of all kinds and with different weather scenarios.

The support will allow you to integrate your phone comfortably and without affecting the final visibility of the road. The locking mechanism adapts to the inches of today’s phones. The padded area on the sides and the back, where it rests, improves its grip, and prevents vibration that could affect its operating system.

You can mount the phone holder on the base of the mirror, the mirror rod, on the handlebar and on the seat post of the motorcycle where it will be more immobilized against possible impacts or potholes on the road.

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