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"Guidelines You Should Know When You Buy A New Aftermarket Exhaust"

How do you know which exhaust is right for you?

Thankfully we are all different in our vision of making our bikes individualistic.

Aspects that lead us into our purchase are:

Cost – based on budget and quality


  • High mount
  • Low mount
  • Under seat


  • Inox
  • Black
  • Carbon
  • Titanium


  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Black
  • Ceramic Coated Black
  • Titanium

Race or Road:

  • Homologated  - Achieve OE noise emission ( Road Legal )
  • Non homologated – Does not achieve OE noise emission OR if the db killers have been removed


  • Slip on Silencer – Connects to existing Collector / Cat
  • Full System – Replaces the whole OE system and connects to the engine
  • De-Cat – This modification removes the cat and replaces it with a straight through pipe. Fitting a de-cat will raise the noise level, reduce weight, increase power, and most importantly will become non-homologated


Should I Remap or not re map?

With today's technology, the lambda sensor will align the air/fuel ratio for 3/4 of the rev range.

But for optimum performance;

  • We recommend a remap if a full system is fitted - Termignoni Upmap or Dynojet
  • Purchasing a DNA Performance Air FIlter
  • If you fit a slip on silencer you do not need to re map

Why do I need a Performance Air Filter?

We always recommend to fit a DNA Performance Air Filter in which, the filter can provide a greater volume of cleaner air ( Greater than 20% ) compared to the OE paper filter in order to cope with the faster exit of exhaust gasses from a performance aftermarket exhaust

Fuel Management System – These will provide pre-set OR bespoke parameters to meet the modifications you have done to your bike to achieve maximum potential