Dual Lever Twin Lever System

Dual Lever Twin Lever System

The  Dualever is a fantastic products for physically disabled motorcycle and trike riders.

This dual lever system can be fitted to either side of the handle bars to operate both the clutch and brake or the front and rear brake with one hand.

This invaluable Dualever motorcycle riders aid has been Manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards using the very latest engineering techniques. The Dual lever system  sets a new benchmark in the world of physically disabled bike riders, allied to the Pro or Expert Systems (clutch less up & clutchless down gearshift systems) riders with paraplegia or some other disability can now ride a bike, trike or an side car outfit with far more confidence and comfort.

The Dualever dual lever system enables riders with one functioning arm to confidently control two levers in one neat lightweight fully adjustable assembly.

It can be used on the left or right hand side for clutch & brake operation or rear or front brake operation – essential for disabled riders and racers.

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